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Ras Markaz

The purpose of the Crude Oil Terminal is to provide long and short-term strategic storage options for our customers in a safe and secure location south of the Arabian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz. OTTCO enjoys the geo-political value of Oman’s location in the Gulf region and the strategic significance of Ras Markaz, a location on Oman’s Indian Ocean coastline, 1,000 km from the Strait of Hormuz, a potential choke point in the oil supply chain. Ras Markaz provides easy access to markets in South-East Asia and Africa as well as land and sea access to producers in the Middle East.

The Ras Markaz Crude Oil Terminal project has been made possible by an experienced and talented management team that has a track record for project delivery, with high quality technical support and engineering capabilities. The onshore crude oil storage infrastructure facility at Ras Markaz is owned and operated by OTTCO.

Pipeline connectivity with Oman’s Main Oil Pipeline and OQ8 will mean that crude oil can be transferred to and from our facilities over land, as well from our offshore facilities, which will cater all large oil tanker classes.

The Ras Markaz Crude Oil Terminal’s close connection to Duqm Special Economic Zone will enable customers to refine, import, export and store crude oil. These dynamic new facilities will be an appealing option for the global oil trading community in need of both long- and short-term strategic storage solutions.

Ras Markaz strategic proposition

  • Long & short-term commercial storage
  • Pipeline Connectivity
  • Import/export of crude oil
  • Offshore facilities for Suezmax, VLCC, ULCC tankers

Terminal Development: Phase 01, Ras Markaz Crude Oil Terminal
The 1st phase of the Ras Markaz Crude Oil Terminal will be operational from 2022 and will feature crude oil storage tanks of different sizes. The total capacity of this 1st phase will be up to 25 million barrels of crude oil, of which OQ8 Refinery in Duqm will build and utilize 5.3 million barrels. The remaining 20 million barrels of storage will be available to customers, both importing and exporting crude oil, accessible via pipelines to OQ8 Refinery, from the interior and from single point moorings at our offshore facility.

The terminal will be connected via an 80 km pipeline to the OQ8 Refinery and a potential pipeline connection with the Oman’s Main Oil Pipeline at Nahada, 440km away, is being assessed for blending and export of Oman South/Central crude oil and condensate.

The tank storage terminal will feature offshore loading and unloading facilities to cater to Suezmax, VLCC and tankers via Single Point Moorings. The offshore facilities will provide a versatile and flexible option for tankers travelling to or from any one of the world’s most important oil export and import markets.

Ras Markaz’s 24/7 operating model will include a full range of value-added services for customers among other blending, making bulk, pump overs and loading & discharge. By providing our customers with a diversified range of services, rather than a simple storage package, it is our aim to become one of the world’s leading crude storage hubs.