The beacon of development and stability.


About Duqm

Duqm is a port town on the Arabian Sea in Al Wusta Governorate in central-eastern Oman. The town is currently experiencing significant development, growing from about 5,100 people in 2008 to over 11,200in 2010, and more than 30,000 in 2018. The oversight authority, the Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZAD) is aiming to complete Duqm development by 2040, reachingan estimated 250,000 population and 150,000 employment positions for the city.

The Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD) is a worldwide-renowned economic destination, with great potentials. Its prime location, political stability, natural resources, exceptional topography, and picturesque scenery makes it an excellent choice for both business and tourism.

Covering an area of 2000 sq. kilometers, including 90 kilometers of coastline, RasMarkaz crude oil terminal is part of the SEZAD, administered by Royal decree and is considered as a national project. The project is regarded as a major new drive for the socio-economic development in the Sultanate of Oman over the coming decades.