We offer a wide variety of storage facilities.


Tank storage

OTTCO owns and operates world class oil storage infrastructure and provides best-in-class service, connectivity and flexibility for national, regional and international customers. We work with producers, consumers, traders and other market players.

OTTCO represents the next generation of Oman’s diversified infrastructure, focused on leading technology, employment opportunities for Omanis, environmental standards and a long-term sustainability plan of operations.

OTTCO will provide centralized management, operations and maintenance. OTTCO’s owned facilities will sit alongside JV’s and sole venture storage. Shared infrastructure will provide leverage for Capital Expenditure, Operational Expenditure and (operational) management.

  • Leasing
    • Storage type: Commercial
    • Contract period:
    • Spot contracts less than 1 year
    • Medium/ long term contracts > 1 year
    • OTTCO equity Shareholding: 100% equity ownership of tanks assets.
    • Pricing structure:
    • Tank rental charge based on total cbm rented; and,
    • Handling and services fee based on throughput.
  • Joint Venture
    • Storage type: Commercial & strategic reserves
    • Commercial arrangement: Medium to long term > 5 to 20 years).
    • OTTCO equity shareholding of tanks assets > 25% - 60%.
    • Pricing structure:
    • Fixed storage charge (tank rental fee + handling fee)
  • Sole Venture
    • Storage type: security of supply & strategic reserves
    • Commercial arrangement: Long term contracts more than 20 years.
    • User OTTCO equity ownership of tanks assets >0%.
    • Pricing structure:
    • OTTCO will provide operation and maintenance fee charged